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Healthy and Flavourful Keto That Keeps Your Waistline Down

Keto Gourmet Meal

Prep Service

To get a slim and sexy figure, you need to make a few sacrifices here and there. Aside from regular exercise, a balanced diet is key to achieving and maintaining your dream body. There are temptations all around, and resisting mouthwatering food that is not part of your strict diet proves to be difficult every time. With Caffetteria Gourmet, you don’t have to give up flavour and variety to stay on track.

We offer fresh, ready-made meals that are low in carbohydrates for the health-conscious in Vancouver, British Columbia and the Tri-Cities. Our menu consists of unique dishes that will definitely keep your dining experience interesting! 

A Little More About Us

Caffetteria Gourmet has been whipping up healthy keto and delicious low-carb meals for more than 5 years. We incorporate different flavours in our cooking to make sure you don’t get tired of our food. Dieting can be tedious for some, so we strive to simplify it. With us, you won’t feel like you’re on a diet at all!

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve tasty food that doesn’t add to your waist size!

Meet the Owner

Sienna is the owner of Caffetteria Gourmet, a keto meal prep service in Vancouver inspired by the region's local and fresh ingredients. As you might have guessed, the adventurer is a travel bucket list specialist. The food lover that you will undoubtedly be pleased with. For every menu on the list, she added flavours to help bring you closer to all cultures while keeping your body fit. Isn't that awesome?

Our clients keto transformation before & after shots.

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